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Avro keyboard is the first free ANSI and Unicode Bangla voice compatible keyboard for Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux bangla type KeyboardThe an existing version supports Phonetic English to Bangla type for home users, Bangla Maus based Faucets for professionals and newcomers and conventional Bangla keyboard layout. Some of the additional keyboard layouts include the municipalities of soil analysis, Bornona, Avro, Probhat easy and Jatiya. Avro keyboard supports most English on Bangla-modern methods of Phonetic writing. The transliteration system is designed for both the friendly speed of writing and memorizing. There is a floating preview window that lets you see the English text to be converted to Bangla. The Phonetic writing method supports automatic correct functions and a dictionary which contains almost 150 000 Bangla words. The AutoCorrect feature is on the way (function () {(“Review-App-page-desktop”);}); The flexible and intuitive interface of the InterfaceAvro keyboard is flexible and intuitive enough for Bangla users who have never used a computer before. There is also no need for the Panel to edit the system language. The Avro keyboard can simultaneously with different language keyboards. In other words, you can use English (uk and us), Hindi, Japanese, French or any other language keyboard system in association with Avro. Most Bangla typing software offers a keyboard interface based only on system trays. Avro, by contrast, has two fully functional and different interfaces. Selected mode. There are some shortcuts that make switching between two seamless.

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